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Lincoln Family Dental Reviews
131-14 Rockaway Blvd., South Ozone Park, NY 11420
5 / 5
based upon 4 reviews.
Posted On: 01/27/2022 Very satisfied with this visit. Very professional and informative. Office was very clean, odour less and had adequate lighting. Staff was very pleasant and courteous. Doc provided info on all procedures before and after. Answered all question and provided reassurance when necessary. Made recommendation after reviewing X-Ray and oral evaluation. Provided insurance/personal responsibility. Highly recommended. Keith & Ginger A
Posted On: 01/27/2021 Clean environment, courteous and caring staff. Dr. Epstein very professional and hands that are blessed. Yvonne S
Posted On: 03/13/2020 I was pleased and satisfied with my visit to the Dentist. I actually felt comfortable while my teeth was being Clean and was informed of ways to care for my teeth! Faye M
Posted On: 03/03/2020 Excellent patient care, nice and friendly staff. Michael F
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